1.      History: TBB (CAMBODIA) MICROFINANCE INSTITUTION PLC. (Hereinafter referred to as TBBMFI) is a public limited company, also a subsidiary of TAIWAN BUSINESS BANK that is a specialized bank charged with the provision of financial assistance and guidance to SMEs. In Taiwan, it has been cultivating the SME financial services field until now for more than 30 years. TBBMFI is licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia as a MFI in June 2015, to provide funding to commercial or individual purposes of Cambodian people as well as customers from Taiwan, thus to support the monetary and economy environment of Cambodia.

2.       Vision & Mission:

–          Vision:  To be the Cambodia’s most people-centric company to build up a place where customers can discover and facilitate the products easily.

–          Mission: TBBMFI seeks to be one of the providers of ethical credit products to the poorer segment of the community in Cambodia and will develop new products as appropriate to support them to grow up the economic scale. In doing so, TBBMFI will observe the highest principles of morality and best international banking practice and will conduct its business in full conformity with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

3.      Shareholders: (attached TBBMFI’s  Shareholders).

4.      Organizational Structures: (attached TBBMFI’s Organizational Chart).

5.      Governance: (Top Management & Loan Management Team’s Background).

–          Mr. A:  Name, Education, Experiences with TBBMFI since? Curent position with TBBMFI.

–          Mr. B:  Name, Education, Experiences with TBBMFI since? Curent position with TBBMFI.