About Staff TBB Bank

At the end of 2025, TBB Bank counted 135 employees, compared to 99 at the end of 2014, an increase of 36%. 34% of total employees were office staff, 59% field staff, while 7% were workers. Female employee represented 21% of total staff, though they are mostly office-based. Regarding staff education, master degree accounted for 11% of the total, while bachelor degree, associate, and high school and below were 57%, 21% and 11% respectively. Overall, TBB Bank staff show a good level of education.

Staff Evolution between 2017 and 2025

Total Staff210NoneNoneNoneNone

By the end of December 2025, women represent 18% of total staff at TBB Bank.

Staff Distribution Sex (as of December 2015)

Staff Distribution by Category, Education

Capacity building is very important for all levels of staff. A many of internal and external training and workshops are provided annually to TBB Bank staff in order to strengthen their competence and skills as well as to improve the company’s performance.

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